The Running Hub

Welcome to ‘The Running Hub’

A central hub and community for runners, helping you to become #StrongerFitterFaster.

As a member of The Running Hub Community you will be able to take part in 4 LIVE weekly workouts tailored to runners to become stronger, fitter, prevent injury and ultimately improve performance. Let us bring the workouts to you in the comfort of your own home.

(Friday and Sundays are a bonus addition for 2021 during the first part of the year).

Monday – HIIT and Cardio – 7 – 7.30 PM

Wednesday – Core Class – 6.30 – 7.15 PM

Thursday – Core & Strength – 7 – 7.30 AM

Sunday – Stretch & Wind Down – 1 – 1.30 PM

(If you can’t make the timetabled classes, you have the option to complete the sessions at any time as the videos will be available to you in the group).

The hub has been created to…

Bring a positive community of runners together

Guide you through safe and fun strength routines

Provide support, advice and knowledge through your training journey

What’s included as part of ‘The Running Hub’

4 x live weekly workouts via the Facebook Community Hub which are varied each week

Running guidance and weekly running session suggestions including speed and interval workouts

Bonus workouts throughout the month focusing on drills, stretching, rehab and conditioning

Fortnightly Q&A sessions via our Facebook Community Hub on the hot running topics you want answering

Recipes created by runners and chefs to fuel performance

Continual support from Katie in the Facebook Community Hub to become the best runner possible!

Price – £24.99 per month